The Industry Dialogue holds its quarterly meeting in London

by Annette Fergusson, Chair of the Industry Dialogue (Vodafone)

On July 10-11, Vodafone hosted the quarterly face-to-face meeting of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue in our London offices.

In the period of just over a year since the Industry Dialogue was formed, participating companies have been focusing on implementing the ID Guiding Principles into their operations, a topic that you can read more on here.  Our discussions at the meeting identified challenges and good practices that have emerged as we seek to embed respect for freedom of expression and privacy into our businesses.  We also shared thoughts on how companies can use reporting to make their operations transparent.

We dedicated a portion of this meeting to a discussion with investors about steps that member companies are taking to implement the Guiding Principles. This is part of our commitment to engage in more regular dialogue with stakeholders, as we have done at our last quarterly meeting in Washington, during ourLearning Forum in Brussels in November last year and in international fora such as RightsCon, the Freedom Online Coalition meeting in Tallinn, and the Stockholm Internet Forum.

Face-to-face meetings are also essential for consolidating our position on certain matters as a group.   Public concern regarding the scope of government communications surveillance programs continues to grow and we are pleased to share the Industry Dialogue position on respecting user privacy.

Our priorities for the second half of 2014 include holding a second learning forum with the Global Network Initiative.  Additionally, as part of our commitment to compile and make available guidance and information on the main laws, regulations and standards that apply to companies, the Industry Dialogue has decided to commission a report on the legal frameworks governing telecommunications in several of our countries of operation.  In this way, we hope to make a valuable contribution to public debate.‎


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Lisl Brunner

Lisl Brunner is the Facilitator for the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue. Prior to this role, Lisl spent five years as a staff attorney at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and holds a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelor’s degree from the College of William & Mary.

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