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UN Forum 2(2)

Industry Dialogue participates in the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

For the first time, the Industry Dialogue took part in the Third Annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights from 1-3 December in Geneva, Switzerland.  Facilitator Lisl Brunner spoke about the Industry Dialogue at panel on The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, focusing on challenges facing telecommunications companies as they seek to respect user privacy and progress that companies have made in implementing the ID Guiding Principles in this respect.


Industry Dialogue participates in SIDA Development Talks

The Industry Dialogue was pleased to participate in “ICT – Threat and Opportunity for Human Rights,” an event organized by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) as part of its Development Talks series.   The November 14 event had a record attendance of over 130 participants and included speakers from Access, Civil Rights Defenders, the Institute for Human Rights and Business, Privacy International, Ranking Digital Rights, and SIDA.


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