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We collaborate to promote freedom of expression and privacy in telecommunications.

Who we are

The Telecommunications Industry Dialogue is a group of telecommunications operators and vendors who jointly address freedom of expression and privacy rights in the telecommunications sector in the context of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

On March 12, 2013 the Industry Dialogue published the “Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy Guiding Principles”. These principles address the issues of privacy and freedom of expression as they relate to the telecommunications sector, specifically exploring the interaction and boundaries between a government’s duty to protect human rights and the corporate responsibility of telecommunications companies to respect human rights. Industry Dialogue members are sharing best practices in order to implement the Guiding Principles into their companies’ policies and processes.

Collaboration with the GNI

The Industry Dialogue has also announced a two-year collaboration with the Global Network Initiative (GNI). The GNI is housing the work of the Industry Dialogue and providing a common platform to exchange best practices, learning, and tools. By working together, we believe there is an opportunity for both GNI and the companies in the Industry Dialogue to benefit from this collaboration on freedom of expression and privacy issues.

Join Us

The Industry Dialogue welcomes new members in the telecommunications industry and proactive dialogue with key stakeholders. For information on how to take part in an Industry Dialogue quarterly meeting, please contact Chris Sheehy.

Team Members

Dedicated individuals, collaborating together for a global purpose.

  • Laura Okkonen

    Laura Okkonen

    Laura Okkonen, was the final chair of the Industry Dialogue, serving from October 2016 until March 2017.

    Ms Laura Okkonen has 20 years’ experience in the ICT industry. In her current role as the Head of Human Rights Nokia Group, her responsibilities stretch from group policy ownership and compliance, stakeholder engagement and responsible sourcing to contributing to key industry initiatives to address issues like the prevention of modern slavery in supply chains, and the overall transformation of human rights into the digital space. Laura is a seasoned professional in Corporate Responsibility; prior to her current role she was the Head of Environment for Nokia Siemens Networks. She has also held positions in R&D and in Quality Assurance Management. Laura is the former Chair of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue Group, and currently serves as a member of the Board in the Global Network Initiative.
  • Sidsela Nyebak

    Sidsela Nyebak

    Sidsela Nyebak served as Chair of the Industry Dialogue from April 2016 until October 2016.

    Sidsela Nyebak works as Sustainability Director at the Telenor Group, and is a leading sustainability and corporate responsibility professional in Norway. During her eight years with the company, she has contributed to the integration of sustainability into core business processes, working closely with the Telenor Group’s Asian and European mobile operations. She now works mainly on human rights issues, including implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in a telecommunications context. She has also managed partnerships with international organisations, looking at how to use mobile phones and connectivity for social good.

    Prior to joining the Telenor Group, Sidsela worked at PA Consulting Group in Oslo and the European Public Health Alliance in Brussels. Sidsela holds an MSc in European Politics and Governance and a BSc in International Relations, both from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

  • Jeff Dygert

    Jeff Dygert

    Jeff Dygert was Chair of the Industry Dialogue from October of 2015 until April of 2016

    Jeff Dygert serves as an Executive Director in AT&T's Global Public Policy Group and has responsibility for a variety of issues, including the company's work on freedom of expression and privacy. Jeff helps to formulate the company's policy positions on issues of international human rights, represents the company in consultation with numerous external stakeholders and works with different constituencies inside the company to help to embed respect for human rights within AT&T's operations.

    Before joining AT&T, Jeff worked at the United States Federal Communication Commission for 13 years, in several different roles, including the Office of General Counsel. He also practiced as a litigator with a private firm for 5 years. Jeff holds a bachelor of arts and a law degree from the University of Virginia.

  • Christine Diamente

    Christine Diamente

    Christine Diamente is the Head of Brand and Corporate Sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent and was the Chair of the Industry Dialogue from April - Oct 2015.

    Christine Diamente is the Head of Brand and Corporate Sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent. In the Brand function, she leads the company’s brand and advertising activities including identity, tools, naming, messaging and corporate reporting. In the Sustainability function, she leads the company’s overall sustainability strategy, targets, reporting and stakeholder participation for the economic, social and environmental dimensions including Alcatel-Lucent Foundation. Prior to this role, Christine was Director of Corporate Relations, where she built and led Alcatel-Lucent's Strategic Partner activities with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    Before that, for almost ten years, Christine was Director European Affairs where she led Alcatel-Lucent's corporate representation with European institutions at the highest levels including playing a leadership role in relevant European associations and leading task forces with EU institutions. She was also a member of Alcatel- Lucent's integration team in Public Affairs, elected Board Member of European Internet Foundation including co-chair of the Programming Committee (2004-2008), elected Vice Chair of Digital Europe Policy Group (2004-2008), a member of the European Commission Task Force on Innovation, Sherpa to CEO and CTO in Brussels Round Table, and a Member of European Ideas Network.

    Christine started her career in 1996 with Newbridge Networks in Canada. She graduated with a Master's in the History of Technology and International Relations and a B.A. in History and International Politics from the University of Ottawa. She also completed the Management Acceleration Programme at INSEAD Business School in France. She speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently.

  • Milka Pietikainen

    Milka Pietikainen

    Milka Pietikainen is the Head of Corporate Responsibility at Millicom and was the Chair of the Industry Dialogue from October 2014 - April 2015

    Milka has been working on issues of corporate sustainability since 2009 after long experience in public relations, communications and investor relations. She is a proud corporate idealist, passionate about the potential of responsible business for company performance and positive social impact.

    Before joining Millicom in 2012, Milka held several positions at Nokia Corporation in corporate communications and at Nokia Siemens Networks in sustainability, where her most recent position was Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. During her time in NSN she led work to create and implement a Human Rights Policy and due diligence program, specifically addressing the topical challenges of providing telecommunications equipment in fragile states. Prior to Nokia, Milka worked in Marketing in technology start-ups and at the Press Department of the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

  • Annette Fergusson

    Annette Fergusson

    Annette Fergusson of the Vodafone Group was Chair of the Industry Dialogue from April - October 2014.

    Annette joined Vodafone in 2003 and is a Senior Sustainability Manager in Vodafone Group’s Sustainability and Foundation team. She leads Vodafone’s work on human rights, addressing issues including privacy and freedom of expression, labour standards in the supply chain and conflict minerals. Annette also works on mobile for development issues and led Vodafone Group’s Connected Women and Connected Worker thought leadership projects.

    Prior to joining Vodafone, Annette had roles at the sustainable development charity Forum for the Future and BP. She has a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and a degree in Natural Sciences from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

  • Yves Nissim

    Yves Nissim

    Yves Nissim of Orange was the Chair of the Industry Dialogue from September 2013 to April 2014.

    Yves received an MS degree and a Ph.D degree from Stanford University, California, in 1978 and 1981 respectively. He worked at Stanford in the pioneering team of Laser Annealing. Yves joined the France Telecom R&D Laboratories in 1981, where he led a group on photo-assisted CVD processes. In 1994, he became head of the micro-optoelectronics technology department.

    In 2003, Yves entered France Telecom's main activities. He held various positions ranging from operations to performance manager, where he was trained to become a six sigma master black belt. In 2006 he held the position of Director of the Group CTO office. At the beginning of 2009, Yves joined the CSR activities of the Orange Group as the Deputy Chief CSR officer. His main field of expertise is Group CSR transformation, CSR reporting for the Group, and stakeholder dialogue.

  • Patrik Hiselius

    Patrik Hiselius

    Patrik Hiselius of Telia Company was the first Chair of the Industry Dialogue from March to September 2013.

    Patrik Hiselius, a lawyer working as Senior Advisor Digital Rights at Telia Company, is a leading sustainability and corporate responsibility professional based in Sweden. He has contributed to build sustainability governance and processes within Telia CompanyPatrik has been working with IT and Law in an international context since the beginning of the 1990s. He has served as a specialist on ICT regulatory matters, as a company lawyer negotiating content contracts, as a specialist in national and international public affairs, and today as a specialist in sustainability and human rights in ICT.

    At Telia Company, he focuses on human rights and also content-related issues such as copyright, privacy, protection of children and ethical dilemmas. He has actively contributed to multistakeholder contexts including the EU research project IMPRIMATUR, a multi-stakeholder project which defined legal, technical, standards and business aspects of electronic commerce for content; the EU DG Internal Market multi-stakeholder dialogue on illegal up- and down-loading; the formation of the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue.

    You can connect with Patrik on Twitter @Patrik_Hiselius
  • Laura Okkonen
  • Sidsela Nyebak
  • Jeff Dygert
  • Christine Diamente
  • Milka Pietikainen
  • Annette Fergusson
  • Yves Nissim
  • Patrik Hiselius

Member Companies

There are 8 companies currently participating in the Industry Dialogue. These companies have a global footprint, providing telecommunications services and equipment to consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide.

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